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The Garibaldi Group provides a full range of traditional as well as non-traditional services for closely held businesses and professional practices.  A boutique firm focusing on the needs of the small business, we are immersed in our clients’ industries and fully understand their businesses and markets, the trends and changes, challenges and forecasts that drive them.   In fact, our Law Firm Services Group is renowned for providing services designed specifically for law firms. Our experience and position within the legal community is illustrated by our ongoing series of attorney roundtable discussions,  seminars, networking meetings, participation in CLE programs, and other events which give us uncommon insight into a law firm’s practice issues and concerns.

The Garibaldi Group offers more than just traditional accounting services –
we provide the ideal solutions that enable businesses & individuals to become more profitable.  Now that’s accounting done right!

– Accounting, Auditing and Consulting for Small to Mid-Sized Closely Held Businesses and Professional Practices
– Business and Professional Practice Valuations – Forensic Accounting Fraud Engagements and Expert Witness Testimony
– Tax Planning and Compliance – Private Wealth Management – Business, Financial and Estate Planning

Latest News and Events

NYS Pass-Through Entity Tax Can Provide A SALT Limitation Workaround

As anyone who lives in New York State and pays income taxes knows, for tax years beginning after 2017, Taxpayers were limited to a deduction of $10,000 itemized state and local tax on their federal income tax returns.  Known as a “SALT” deduction, the $10,000 limitation adversely affected individuals in high tax states such as…

NYS To Opt Out Of Unemployment Exclusion

In late March, the State of New York extended the tax filing deadline to May 17, 2021 to match the Federal extension. At the same time, while the IRS excluded unemployment compensation from taxable income, New York State remained silent on the issue. With bills pending in the NYS Senate and Assembly, it was hoped…

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