The Benefits of a Domain Name

As many of you know, Yahoo recently tried to fix a security issue in their system, and in doing so they broke listservs and  mailing lists around the world.  When someone with an email address tried to post something to a listserv, not only did they get bounced but other innocent email addresses were bounced as well.  As you can imagine, this affects iLaw.

Now I am not saying security issues should not be addressed, they should!  But it made me wonder — again — Why would a business professional not have their own domain name?  Yes, I know I obsess over this sometimes,  but your email address is a really valuable tool when you market your business.  It provides instant name recognition and improves brand awareness.  Having your own domain also makes more of a professional statement which builds client trust.  It means that you are serious enough about your business to invest in it.  After all, aren’t your marketing dollars better spent promoting your brand and building your practice and not promoting someone else like AOL, Yahoo, Google or Hotmail?

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