The 2020 Flight of The Green Eye Shaded Bean Counter

When you woke up on New Year’s Day, did you ever imagine the craziness that is 2020? Did you think that we would have had to quarantine ourselves for the better part of the winter, spring and into the summer due to the scourge of a novel virus? Did you imagine record unemployment, schools and businesses would be closed, non-essential workers would have to conduct business from home, and the April 15 tax filing deadline would be extended for three additional months, the first time in 65 years? I had such high hopes for the year. Believe me, 2019 was no great shakes for me, and 2020 really hit me between the eyes on January 1, but that’s another story. Yet the COVID-19 era I could never have imagined.

Since Tax Day is today, July 15, 2020, the one thing that I can count on though, is that in tomorrow’s early morning light, we might be able to see the annual flight of the green eye shaded bean counter. Their natural habitat is in the halls of fluorescent lit offices, and you usually can catch them in the early morning light of April 16th as they let the warm rays of sun bathe them in the first natural light they will have experienced since their annual ritual began just after New Years. This year is quite different, as they have spent three additional months in social distanced isolation. Though they’ve replaced their pocket protectors with facemasks, you can still identify them by their green eye shades over bleary red eyes, pasty skin, pencil stained fingers, and an unnatural craving for home cooked food – anything but takeout.

If you’ve yet to see the green eye shaded bean counter in their natural habitat, the extension deadline is still October 15, 2020. So just grab a mask and let me know — I’ll be happy to set something up!

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